Fumigations - Pest Control

We are committed to minimize all trade risk across the globe protecting the agricultural commodities providing efficient fumigation services and certifications to customers as per international quarantine standards.

Container Fumigations

Service offered includes the treatment of cargoes loaded without leaving a dangerous residue or harming the environment into sea-going vessels, barges, warehouses or even containers. We have the knowledge, capabilities and equipment to fumigate a wide array of structures to control insects safely and effectively.

Safety Placard

We use the latest approved fumigants of PH3, and strictly follow the manufacturers’ instructions as well as our own safety protocols. Our technicians are required to undergo rigorous inhouse training with regular refresher training and in-field assessments; they fully understand the handling, storage, uses and application of fumigant, as well as the dangers and safety protocols that need to be followed.

Fumigation Clearance

At regular intervals, gas level readings are taken using measuring equipment which is calibrated regularly to guarantee accuracy. Only if this is done can we guarantee and certify the efficacy of a treatment and have a clearance certificate issued.