Company History

Since 1989, we have been an established leader in the inspection services of agricultural commodities in Uruguay providing inspections of high value: Agricultural cargo shipments, quality control, ­field inventory con­firmation and many other related services.

AGRI-FOOD: Rice, Soybeans, Maize, Feedstuffs and other Agri-Products are surveyed by our inspectors for Weight, Quantity, Quality, Packing, Marking, Condition inspections as well as Draft Surveys, Hold cleanliness inspections, Sampling for analysis purposes in warehouses, factories, during loading, discharge, transshipments, in wagons, trucks, barges, containers and ships at any port in Uruguay.

PHYSICAL AND SENSORY ANALYTICAL SERVICES: Our sensory services consist of taste assessments for characteristics such as color, taste, odor,
and texture. And our physical testing services includes: Appearance, Foreign Matters, Defects, Poisonous Seeds, Granulation, Temperature, Moisture as well as Weight and pH.

MICROBIOLOGICAL TESTING: Our independent microbiology testing service delivers accurate test results that will help you minimize the risk of potential damages by microbes such as specific pathogens, bacteria, yeast and moulds.

Inspection Services

Board of Directors


Demetrio Pérez


My goal is to ensure the company is constantly moving towards fulfilling its long-term objectives and does not diverge from its strategic guidelines. Some of my responsibilities include establishing policies that promote company culture and vision.


Gabriel Péres


My job is to be a strategist leader able to steer the company to the most profitable direction while also implementing its vision, mission and short term goals. My responsibilities include designing and implementing business strategies, plans and procedures.